College Crest

College Crest

College Crest consists of a Central Circle with a Cock followed by another circle with five segments, consisting of Light, Open Book, Laboratory, Computer and Dishnet with Cup

1 Cock - Signifies the emblem of  Sri Kaliswari  Trust
2 Light - Signifies illuminating the minds of individuals in all aspects
3 Open Book - Signifies imparting knowledge
4 Laboratory -

With Rat, Mushroom, DNA Molecule structure and heating flask on a    stand – Signifies the components of Biotechnology Laboratory

5 Computer           - Signifies the hardware employed in transfer of Information in a modern way
6 Dishnet with Cup -

Dishnet  signifies the modern development of internet and the cup symbolizes man’s triumphs in all his endeavors

College Motto

உழைப்பே உயர்வு / Toil & Triumph       

Those who aspire to reach new heights in any walk of life must put in hard work in the right direction