College Crest



Cock Signifies the emblem of Sri Kaliswari Trust, Sivakasi 
Light Signifies illuminating the minds of individuals in all aspects
Open Book Signifies imparting Knowledge
Laboratory with Rat, Mushroom, DNA Molecule structure and heating flask on a stand - Signifies the components of  Biotechnology Laboratory
Signifies the hardware employed in transfer of information in a modern way.
Dishnet with Cup Dishnet Signifies the modern development of internet and the cup symbolizes man’s triumphs in his endeavours.


Green, White and Yellow

Green Colourstands for prosperity.
White Colourstands for purity.
Yellow Colourstands for auspiciousness.


Toil and TriumphThose who aspire to reach new heights in any walk of life must put in hard work in the right direction.